About us

Hi, I'm Francheska Dishmey, creator of Vida Mulatta Boutique. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My parents are from the Province of Sámana, Dominican Republic. I am an Afrolatina! One of my biggest dreams was to be a runway model. I was not an overweight girl, but I was very voluptuous, which did not fit the stereotype of a typical runway model. Neither did I have straight, waist-length hair, nor the skin color that was most popular among models at the time. I had to work a lot on myself to get small achievements. One of those achievements were, modeling on a runway for Tommy Hilfiger in Puerto Rico and various commercials. In what could be the beginning of my professional career as a model, I became the mother of a beautiful mulatto girl when I was a teenager, and I put aside everything about the fashion and modeling industry to be a full-time mom. I wouldn't change my mother's happiness and love for anything, but this passion for fashion led me to do something that has always caught my attention but in a different way with Vida Mulatta Boutique. In this way, I also transmit a message to other women that they do not have to look in a way that society thinks is beauty, being a mother, or age, and a few extra pounds should not be an impediment for a fashionable looking woman.